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A new revolution in Buddhism.

In addition to the three historic turnings attributed to Buddha, there have also been three evolutionary turnings that Buddhism has undergone. The first evolutionary turning, Theravadan Buddhism, is based on the realizations of Gautama Buddha himself, who illuminated the path of nirvana (the end of misery). The second turning, Mayahana Buddhism, stressed that “nirvana and samsara are not two.” The third turning, Vajrayana Buddhism, added an exquisite set of practices for realizing our true nature.

It has been over a thousand years since the last major evolution of Buddhism. Since that time we have witnessed astonishing advancements in science, art, psychology, technology, governance, values, cultural attitudes, and almost every other facet of our lives. These developments have utterly transformed our humanity, redefining our very sense of self in radical ways, and have brought a dramatic increase of freedom and material abundance to the world at large.

Buddhism, it would seem, may now be ripe for yet another turning of the wheel.

In The Fourth Turning: Exploring the Future of Buddhism, Ken Wilber suggests a practical but profound way forward for the Buddhist tradition. Ken is joined by renowned Buddhist teachers Diane Musho Hamilton, Doshin Michael Roshi, Patrick Sweeney, and Andrew Holecek, who have been working with their respective communities to unpack this new teaching and explore the practices and possibilities that a Fourth Turning of Buddhism offers. [+learn more]


Fourth Turning media programs

These programs include exclusive video teachings by Ken Wilber, and feature talks and practices by Diane Musho Hamilton, Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi, Patrick Sweeney, Jun Po Kelly Roshi, and Andrew Holecek.
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Fourth Turning Conference

Join us from April 4-6 for this momentous three-day event in Boulder, CO, where together we will explore the rich territory of Integral Buddhism. The Fourth Turning conference will be led by Ken Wilber, Diane Musho Hamilton, Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi, Patrick Sweeney, and Andrew Holecek. You can also purchase a web stream of the full conference for just $99. Click through for more information!
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Ken Wilber's latest book – coming soon!

Ken’s newest book, The Fourth Turning: Imagining the Evolution of an Integral Buddhism will be published by Shambhala, and is due to be released in early 2015. A shorter e-book version will be available on February 24th. Stay tuned for more details!


A few words from Ken Wilber:

"Buddhism itself—unlike virtually every other Great Tradition—has always been open to the continuing unfolding and expansion of its own teachings, as evidenced in its own notion of the 'Three Turnings of the Wheel of Dharma (Truth),' which is a major teaching in Buddhism itself.  Buddhism is thus used to updating its own major teachings with new and profound additions. With humility and gratitude, I offer the following suggestions for ways to return spirituality to the central and fundamental place it has had in human life for most of our existence on earth, but has, for the last few hundred years, increasingly been losing respect.  May this help you locate your own faith (again, atheistic or agnostic, and theistic or nontheistic) in this wondrous, amazing, mysterious, miraculous place we call the Kosmos." –Ken Wilber
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